About Zoe

Zoe is a complete solution offering a set of collaborative tools, professional development and a cloud-based sharing platform empowering students and teachers in the creation of interactive virtual worlds through virtual reality.

What is included?


Professional Development

A training program for educators is available upon subscription. Courses cover fundamental concepts for immersive creation as well as basic guidelines for using Zoe. Learn at your own pace and need, and connect remotely with your students. Content is regularly updated so you can keep up to date with the evolution of the technology. Forums and a live chat are available at your convenience, too.

Standalone Application

The best way to create a VR experience is to do it directly from the headset! With this in mind we have developed Zoe VR, a standalone application that brings all the functionalities needed to create directly in 3D space. Students (and teachers) can organize their environment all around them. They can give life to their objects and characters by adding interactivity. And of course, they can playtest their experience at any time!

Plugin for Unity

Zoe for Unity is a layer to be used on top of the existing and popular game engine Unity. A set of scripts and an API allows students to visually program a VR (or an AR) experience. The plugin has been conceived precisely for these technologies and the possibilities they offer. Combined with the power of the game engine, it enables creation of complex interactive experiences – without coding – deployed to different kinds of headsets, from virtual to augmented and mixed reality. Zoe for Unity is recommended from High School up to University level.
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Class Management

Zoe also offers functionalities that allow the management of the class. You can create projects, assign groups of students and monitor what students are doing during the course by watching through the tablet what is going on inside the headset. Moreover, Zoe gives time management to ensure that students do not spend more time than allowed inside a headset, and you can pause the activity to do collective feedback and wrap-ups.