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Empowering Students to become creators through 3D/AR/VR

Zoe is a distance learning platform empowering Students in K–12 & Higher ED to build interactive 3D worlds through Spatial Interfaces.


Immersive technologies give us the opportunity to make distance learning more creative, intuitive and collaborative. Zoe provides educators around the world the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to integrate Virtual Reality into their curriculum.


Visual Programming Tool

A standalone application allows students to build and program their 3D experience and test it at any time, all within a VR headset and soon on mobile devices.

Unity Plugin

Thanks to Zoe, the Unity game engine can now be used for VR creation and programming, without any coding knowledge required!

Professional Learning

Online modules provide educators the latest training about using 3D, high-end VR and AR for learning.

Why use Zoe?

For Students

21st Century Skills

Communication & Collaboration

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Technological Literacy

Technology and Society

Abilities for a Technological World

The Designed World

Computational Thinking

Modeling and Simulating Systems



For Teachers

Remote Learning

Online Lessons

Remote Activities

Live Chat

Flexible Tools


Aligned with Standards

Covers K-12 and Higher Ed

Professional Learning

Gain Relevant Expertise

Frequently Updated Content

Train at your own pace


Schools using Zoe


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A variety of software tools are included in our kick-off program. Participating institutions will get early access to our platform at a competitive rate and get the chance to custom shape their classes with our team.
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