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The Asset Library

An Asset is any type of object you can use to create an experience in Zoe, including 3D models and audio files. When added to a scene, an asset can be used in an interaction, and its settings can be modified.*

Accessing the Library

Available in Edit Mode, the Asset Library is where you can browse, select, and add Assets to your scene. To open the Asset Library, select ‘Assets’ from the Main Menu. The Library’s panel will appear on top of your left controller. It is divided into two sections, accessible from the panel’s top-right corner:

  • 3D (default): This section contains assets stored in the Zoe VR App, requiring no internet connection. It contains 3D models, audio files, and a ‘Text’ preset element.
  • Sound: This section contains recorded audio clips. You can then launch them using the Audio action.
    To learn how to record a clip, click here.

    * To learn about Assets’ Settings, click here. For Interactions, click here.

If you want to check all models accessible in the Library check this cheat-sheet.

To scroll through the Asset Library, press and hold anywhere on the panel using your right Trigger, and move up or down with your right controller.

To make browsing easier, a Search function is available at the top of the panel. When clicking on it, a virtual keyboard will appear and allow you to type the name of an asset you’re looking for.

Press on any asset’s image to select it. A 3D preview of that asset will appear on top of the panel.

Adding Assets to your Scene

To add an asset to your scene, you need to drag and drop its 3D preview from the top of the Asset Library’s panel to anywhere in your scene. This is achieved by pressing and holding the right trigger while moving your controller where you want the asset to be placed, and then releasing the trigger. You can drop any number of instances – or copies – of the same asset in a scene.

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