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Audio Recording

Since version 0.4, you have the ability to record voice clips and launching them using the Audio action.

Access recording in V0.4 and V0.5:
To access the Audio recording function, make sure you are in Edit mode and no panel is open (press X to close any panel open). Press A (microphone icon on your Right controller).

Access recording in V0.5.1:
In this version there is a Sound section inside the Library. To access the Audio recording function, open Main Menu > Assets > Sound (on the top-right tabs). Then simply add a New Recording.

At this point, a microphone should have appeared on your right controller. Press and hold the trigger to record an audio clip. A message asking you to allow access to the microphone might appear; choose OK. Release the trigger when you’re done (max 40 s per recording). Record as many audio as needed in your experience. To launch an audio clip, create an Interaction using the Audio action.

Recording feature under V0.5.1

Exit the Audio recording function by pressing X (Back).

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