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Audio (VR only)

As the name suggests, the Audio action allows you to launch audio recordings to the objects inside your scene.

  • Object: This is the object you wish the audio to come from. It plays the role of an audio source. 
  • Audio: You have two options: ‘Play’ and ‘Mute’. Obviously, ‘Play’ will launch your sound from your selected object, while ‘Mute’ will stop the sound.
    *‘Mute’ is usually used when an object in an older Interaction is playing a sound, then the ‘Mute’ in the new Interaction must use the same object in order to mute it. 
  • Audio Clip (only for Play mode): This is the audio file that you want your object to play. Newer files are located at the bottom of the list. If the list is empty, you need to record some audio first.
  • Loop (only for Play mode): activate Loop to play your Audio Clip in a loop – over and over – infinitely. Deactivate it to play it only once. 
  • Volume: is the loudness of the sound. The slider indicates how loud the sound will play. As you move the slider to the right, the sound will be louder.
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