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Basic Controls

You can use your controllers to interact in zoe. Since we support different headsets that use dissimilar controllers, we unified the button controls as illustrated below.

Controllers (Oculus Quest & Rift)

  1. Triggers: The left and right triggers are used to select.
  2. Y button: unused.
  3. X button: Press it to open the Main Menu. Also acts as a Back / Cancel function, for ex. to close a panel.
  4. Grips: The left and right grips are used to move inside the environment of the scene in Edit Mode.
  5. Right thumbstick: is used to navigate between command bubbles, and switches to rotate and scale when using Move Asset and Snap to surface modes. In Play Mode, pushing the joystick left or right makes instant small rotations.
  6. Left thumbstick: is used to navigate inside a panel. Also, it is used to walk in Play Mode.
  7. Play/Stop Button: is a virtual button attached to your controller model in Zoe. It allows you to enter and exit Play Mode.
  8. Oculus Button: plays the role of the Quit button.

*Press any button to wake your controllers after turning off your headset.

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