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Interaction Configuration panel

Press on the interaction you wish to configure from the List of Interactions: it will take you to this interaction’s Configuration panel. Here, you can add Conditions and Actions to your interaction.

In an interaction’s Configuration panel, you can navigate between the different Conditions and Actions by pointing at them with your right controller or using the left Thumbstick. To switch from Conditions to Actions and vice-versa, you must use the left Thumbstick.


  • A Condition’s or Action’s icon in grey means it is not yet available in the current version of the VR App.
  • The Interaction Configuration panel will be improved in a future update.

When clicking on a Condition or Action with either the right Trigger or Y, its Setup panel will open. Each Condition / Action has its own Setup panel where you can manage its specific properties. To go back to the Interaction Configuration panel, press on the X button.

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