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Installing Zoe

Note: This guide assumes you already have an Oculus account, the latest version of the Oculus mobile app, and have already gone through the initial setup of your headset.

To install the Zoe VR App, you must have a Zoe account. Individuals can create a free account to use the software for non-commercial projects. To use Zoe within a company or educational institution, you must own an Institution license that can be requested here.

Once your Zoe account is created, log in on your mobile device’s browser and click on the Open in Oculus App button located on this page. Accept the ‘Open in Oculus’ message.

Once in the Oculus App, Zoe’s page will be displayed. Click on the Free button at the bottom, and Zoe will be added to your Oculus library. You can now install Zoe from your headset.

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