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Edit Mode / Play Mode

In Zoe, you have two main modes: Edit mode and Play mode. The former functions as the creation mode where you build your scene and add interactivity, while the latter allows you to test and play your experience.

When launching Zoe, you start in Edit mode by default. To enter Play mode, use your right controller to aim at the Play icon on your left controller, and press the Trigger. You will notice that the Play icon will switch to a Stop icon, which will then take you back to Edit mode. Your controllers will change appearance when switching modes. Each mode has specific navigation controls, detailed below.

Moving in Edit Mode

To move in Edit mode, press and hold one controller’s Grip button, move the controller towards you, then release the button. Do the same movement one controller after the other, as if pulling a rope. This process allows you to move quickly wherever you want, even up in the air or under the ground.

Moving in Play Mode

Free Navigation

In Play Mode, you can move freely in your experience using the left thumbstick. You can also move your right thumbstick to the left or right to turn around quickly.

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