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3. Installing Zoe

To install Zoe on your Oculus Quest, we recommend using the free software SideQuest.

  • Click here to download SideQuest for Windows or Mac . Install the software and launch it.
  • Plug the Oculus Quest to your computer. To make sure it is connected properly, look for a green dot at the top-left corner of SideQuest. Important: If your Quest does not connect, you might need to accept file transfer in the headset first.
  • Drag and drop the zoe.apk file you’ve downloaded into SideQuest: this should automatically transfer and install Zoe on your Quest.
  • To check if the application has been installed properly, click on the icon in SideQuest. The application would appear in the list with the name com.apelab.zoe.
  • You can now unplug the Oculus Quest from your computer.
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