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Install Zoe on mobile

Zoe is currently available for iOS devices through our Early-Access program. For joining click here.

Once inside the program you will receive an e-mail with instructions. There are two steps you need to complete: install the Testflight app then Zoe. The following steps will guide you through the installation of both:

1- Click on the first link from the e-mail, then click on ‘GET’ to install Testflight:

Testflight on the App Store

2- Accept the Terms&Conditions.

3- Once Testflight is installed go back to the e-mail and click on the second link. It should open Zoe inside Testflight as shown below:

Zoe on Testflight

4- Click on ‘ACCEPT’ then on ‘INSTALL’.

5- Wait until Zoe is installed then click on ‘OPEN’. You should see a series of screens before testing, simply follow the steps:

6- Enjoy creating!

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