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Oculus Quest

Important: This guide assumes you already have an Oculus account and the Oculus mobile app.

Enable Developer Mode

To create content for the Oculus Quest, it is required to create a new organization on the Oculus website and enable Developer Mode on your device.

Navigate to

Note: You need to be logged in to your Oculus Account.

Type the name of your organization (e.g: your school name) and make sure to check the ‘I understand’ box before pressing the Submit button.

Now head back to your Oculus app. Press on the Settings tab, and select your headset in order to connect to it. It might take a moment.

When your Oculus Quest is connected, tap on it to open the dropdown menu, then select More Settings > Developer Mode > Enable Developer Mode.

Download Zoe

  • Download the Zoe VR App on this page and save it on your computer (PC or Mac).

Install SideQuest

  • To install Zoe on your Oculus Quest, we recommend using the free software SideQuest; click here to download it for Windows or Mac . Connect the Oculus Quest to your computer (Important: If your Quest does not connect, you might need to accept file transfer in the headset).

Updating from a previous version

Important: Zoe VR is currently in beta; we can’t guarantee scene compatibility at this time.

  • For a clean re-install (optional): In SideQuest, click on click on the icon in SideQuest. Locate the application named com.apelab.zoe. Click on the icon next to it, and click on Uninstall App (Warning: this operation will erase all scenes you might have previously created. Skip this step if you don’t want that).

Install Zoe

  • Drag and drop the zoe.apk file you’ve downloaded into SideQuest: this should automatically transfer and install Zoe on your Quest.
  • To check if the application has been installed properly, click on the icon in SideQuest. The application would appear in the list with the name com.apelab.zoe.
  • You can now unplug the Oculus from your computer.

Launch Zoe

  • Put on your headset and go to Library > Unknown Sources (if you can’t see this section, it means you didn’t enable developer Mode; click here if that’s the case).
  • Launch the app called Zoe.
  • Upon launching Zoe for the first time, the above message for allowing permissions will appear. Select Allow.

That’s it, you’re now in Zoe. Enjoy creating!

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