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Principle of an Interaction

Adding objects to your scene is not enough to create an interactive experience. Zoe is a visual programming tool allowing you to easily attach interactions to the objects of your scene in a few simple steps.

An Interaction is the basic element inside Zoe to create interactivity. It is divided into two parts: Conditions and Actions.

Conditions & Actions

Conditions and Actions are the two fundamental elements composing an Interaction.

  • Conditions are incidents that need to be fulfilled for an action to occur. They can also be called ‘triggers’.
  • Actions are the behaviours triggered by the fulfilment of Conditions. They occur only if all conditions of an interaction have occured.

The principle is simple: for any interaction, once its conditions are validated, the defined associated actions will take place.

Note that an interaction without any specified condition will be triggered at start, right when entering Play Mode.

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