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List of Interactions

The List of Interactions is the panel where all your interactions are created and can be accessed. You can edit, duplicate, delete and of course add new interactions there.

To access the List of Interactions, select Interactions from the Main menu.

In a new scene, the List of Interactions will be empty. In this panel, you can do the following:

  • Add an interaction by clicking on the + add an interaction button. By default, each interaction is named ‘Interaction #’, ‘#’ being an incremental number. You can add as many interactions as you need for each scene.
  • Rename any previously created interaction by clicking the icon on its right and using the digital keyboard.
  • Delete any previously created interaction by clicking and holding the icon on its left.
  • Enter each interaction’s Configuration panel by simply clicking on an interaction’s name. When doing this, you’re able to select which Condition(s) and Action(s) this interaction is made of.

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