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Main Menu

Pressing the X button in Edit Mode will open the Main menu on your left controller. This is the starting point of all your activities inside Zoe.

In the Main menu, you have access to the following sections:

  • Interactions: This is where you can create and manage interactions for your scene. Learn more here.
  • Assets: Here you can browse 3D models and other objects and drag and drop them into your scene. Learn more here.
  • Scene Setup: This is where you control and alter the general look of your scene by selecting an environment.
  • Scenes: This is where you can access all of your saved scenes, as well as create, open, or duplicate scenes. Learn more here.

Use your right controller to aim at the Main menu and use the right Trigger to open, navigate and interact in the different panels. To go back to the previous panel (or to close the Main menu), press X.

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