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Mobile interface

Zoe allows you to easily create 3D interactive experiences and directly playtest them. Just as in virtual reality, the app works with two modes: Edit (to build) and Play (to test).

Edit Mode

Edit Mode Interface

On the bottom left of your screen, you have the Main Menu that allows you to access the main functions:

Assets: models or sounds you can add to the scene.

Interactions: program behaviours easily to the assets.

Scenes: access demos, duplicate and/or create new scenes.

Scene Setup: change the environment of your scene.

Note: when selecting one of the functions the menu is minimized, all options remain yet accessible.

On the bottom right of your screen, you have the “Bubble” Menu that is used to handle and modify your assets. Tap on it to expand it, then select the desired function.

“Bubble” Menu expanded

Play mode

Play Mode Interface
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