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Mobile Navigation

You can navigate inside the 3D environment in order to properly place assets and build interactivity, but also to test your experience. Navigation in Edit and Play modes is different.

Navigate in Edit mode

Use one finger to drag in any direction in order to rotate your view inside the 3D environment:

Rotate by dragging one finger in any direction

Use two fingers to drag in any direction you want as if you were moving the ground in order to move inside the 3D environment:

Drag with two fingers to move

Pinch your fingers away or closer to zoom in and out respectively:

Pinch to Zoom In/Out

Navigate in Play mode

Navigating in “Play”mode is similar to a video game. Use the left joystick to move around:

Left Joystick to move

Use the right joystick to rotate:

Right Joystick for rotation
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