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Placing assets

Moving and resizing

To place and resize assets you need to use the ‘Transform’ function from the “Bubble” menu. It is the function selected by default. Once you select an asset you will see the transform options on the right of the screen (as toggle options) and handles directly on the asset:

Transform options (Move)

Use the toggles on the right side of your screen to switch between the three modes of transform: move, rotate and scale. Drag the handles in order to move, rotate or scale the asset:

You can choose to activate the ‘Snap to Surface’ toggle, which snaps your object to the ground, or to any surface you drag your object on to. Notice that when ‘Snap to Surface’ is activated, you can only move your asset. To scale or rotate it, you will have to deactivate the ‘Snap to Surface’ toggle:

Snap an asset on the ground

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