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Managing Scenes in Zoe

In Zoe, a scene is an experience you are building. A scene has a default sun, sky and ground. When launching Zoe for the first time, you start in a new, automatically created scene.

The Project Panel

You can add or duplicate scenes in the Project panel accessible from the Main menu. Each time you make any modification to your scene, it is automatically saved. So even if you exit Zoe or shut down your headset, you should be able to go back to your scene.

Scenes can be shared and transferred from one device to another. Click here to learn more.

Creating a New Scene

You can create a new scene from your Project panel (Main Menu > Project). Press on the Add a new scene button and an empty scene will be created in the Project panel. To open it, press on the Open button while pointing at the scene’s icon.

Duplicating a Scene

To duplicate a scene, hover over the scene you wish to duplicate and press the Duplicate icon. The duplicated scene will appear next to the original scene. To open the duplicated scene, hover over it and press on the Open icon.

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