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Touching an object in VR means placing your controller(s) on it. It happens between a specified object from the scene and your controller(s).

  • Object: is the target object from the scene that users need to touch (or stop touching) for this condition to be met. 
  • User Hand(s): In this section, you need to choose which hand(s) must touch (or not) the specified object. It can be one of the four options:
    • Either hand,
    • Both hands,
    • Left hand,
    • Right hand.
  • Touch Mode: If you select Enter, the specified hand(s) need to be touching/in collision with the specified object to fulfill this condition. However, if you select Exit, then the specified hand(s) should not be touching/in collision with the specified object anymore* to fulfill this condition.

*To use ‘Exit’ in Touch Mode means that it requires the specified object and hand(s) to be previously in collision.

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