Sketchfab Integration

Here's everything you need to know about how to use Sketchfab with Zoe, from browsing the Sketchfab library to importing your own models into Zoe.
  • Sketchfab Account with Email
  • Zoe app (VR or mobile)

Complete step-by-step guide

The following guide will help you get started using Sketchfab with Zoe through a series of simple questions.
This guide covers:
  • The creation of a Sketchfab account compatible with Zoe;
  • Uploading your own models into Sketchfab;
  • Method to upload models from Tinkercad into Sketchfab;
  • Importing models from Sketchfab into Zoe.

Importing models from the Sketchfab library

The following video goes through the basics on how to import Sketchfab models into Zoe.