Zoe VR App

Create VR experiences in VR. Import models, program interactions, and play!
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Wireless Headsets

Oculus Quest / Quest 2
Version 0.6 (beta) – 05/12/2021

Wired Headsets

Oculus Rift / Rift S, Vive, WMR Headsets
Version 0.5 (beta) – 09/28/2020

Create & Program inside VR

Create VR experiences directly within a headset!

The Zoe VR App is a standalone application where students can build their 3D environment and bring it to life through an intuitive programming interface. It can be used to tell stories, create games, explain processes or solve problems.

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The possibilities are endless!

Current functionalities

  • Action/Condition programming system
  • Local library of 3D models
  • Selection of 3D environments
  • Voice clip recording
  • Text labels

Future functionalities

  • Multi-User Co-Creation
  • Integration with Sketchfab
  • Online Sharing
  • Local Sound Library
  • And more!