Create a Simple Geography Experience

This tutorial will cover the creation of a simple experience of geography. Learn how to program a scene reacting to the placement of continents (along with their import from Tinkercad) on the Earth globe.
  • VR headset running Zoe VR
  • Access to a 3D modeling software

1. Presentation of the Experience

The objective of this experience is for the user to place each continent's name on its correct spot on the globe. Take a look at the final result below.

2. Importing Tinkercad Models

Let's add 3D names of each Earth continent into your scene. Watch the video below to learn how to import models from Tinkercad into Zoe.
Note: Tinkercad is used as an example here; you can also import models from other 3D creation software tools, such as Google Blocks or Tilt Brush.

3. Creating the Interactions

Now let's add the necessary interactions for your experience to work. Each dot on the globe needs to react to its continent's name when they collide with each other and display a "correct" feedback.
Test your experience and check if everything is working as it should. If that's the case, good job! You just recreated an entire interactive experience using the Proximity condition. Use this experience's principles to get inspired and build other cool experiences on your own!